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Designed and Built in Brooklyn, NYC by Pensa and Horse Cycles

Merge is inspired by the variety of cycling needs in New York City, and New York is a tough proving ground for an urban bike. There is some good cycling infrastructure, but also streets that are packed with cars and pedestrians. Merge is a compact and nimble ride, offering its rider confidence when navigating tight spaces. At the same time there is necessary utility. Merge’s rear rack snaps open at a moment’s notice, but can also retract when not in use. Merge’s thoughtfully designed features include cargo, lighting, security, and a USB charging port. They are seamlessly integrated and right where you need them, yet unobtrusive when not in use. Merge offers an elegant and integrated solution to the needs of a variety of urban cyclists.

The unique and purposeful gesture of the frame is a result of passing the top tube, seat tube and down tube through their normal termination points and creating four functional access points. Within those points a rider can find:

• A spring-loaded, retractable aluminum rear rack that can be deployed and disappear at a moment’s notice
• An integrated retractable bungee system that works in conjunction with the rack and enables a rider to quickly and securely tie down a variety of loads
• A pull out rear fender with a custom folding pattern and spring steel spine which allows it to be slid in and out of the frame as needed
• Integrated wheel lock cable storage
• Dynamo hub-powered embedded head light and tail light which also glow through a laser cut pattern in the frame creating visibility from the side
• Dynamo hub-powered integrated USB charging
• Custom integrated phone and U-lock holster crafted in partnership with MER bags of Brooklyn, NYC
Bike Specs
• 4130 custom steel frame with ENVE carbon fork
• Freedom Ryder 700C tires
• Shimano Alfine dynamo hub
• Shimano Alfine crank
• Paul Mini Moto brakes and levers


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