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About Us

WhiteBoard Product Solutions is a trusted destination where the client and designers, engineers, and prototypers can work as a team to develop successful product solutions.

For over 30 years WhiteBoard has focused on being the best product development firm for our clients. Having a variety of specialized services and expertise under one roof allows projects to flow efficiently and cost effectively, with the best possible results.

Our culture is high-energy, with an intense passion for getting to the best solution based on each projects unique reality, (Reality Driven Solutions™) This process leads to proven results that encompass a wide range of industries—from medical, consumer, sporting goods, electronics, fitness equipment, and toys.

In partnership with our clients, we build teams of collaborating minds and diverse abilities, all focused on a united goal—to create successful product solutions that satisfy market demands, manufacturing requirements, and profit expectations.



  • 3M, ArticCat, Yakima, Wagner, Medtronic, Toro, Easton, Spalding, Target, Best Buy, Life Fitness, Telex, Hasbro, Possis, Ecolab, General Mills



Staff Size

15+ Engineers, Designers, Prototypers, Graphics

WhiteBoard Product Solutions


  • Design Management
  • Engineering
  • Industrial Design

Typical Project Budget

Not Specified


Projects range from small $1,500 prototyping jobs to large $250,000 product development programs.

Main Office

6811 Flying Cloud Dr
Minneapolis, MN 55344
United States


Eric Polk - Marketing & Sales
phone: 952.401.8440
fax: 952.401.8441
Website: WhiteBoard Website epolk@WhiteBoardPS.com

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