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Client: MYXfitness

MYXfitness is a direct-to-consumer, on-demand home fitness brand offering a diverse range of motivating workouts that combine positive one-to-one coaching, heart rate zone training and cross training. The brand’s unique MYX of health, wellness and fitness is designed to help people feel and look their best and create lasting change. MYXfitness has everything needed for a total body workout—from on bike workouts, yoga, weight training, endurance, stretching and more.

Alternatives works in collaboration with the MYXfitness in-house sales and marketing team to develop a robust, ongoing, integrated marketing program. The program includes strategic planning, messaging, content development, website and digital marketing creative to drive online sales, and increase website traffic and social media engagement. We designed and developed an easy-to-shop, mobile first e-commerce website utilizing a customized Shopify platform and integrated third party logistics partners for a seamless online experience.

• Ecommerce, mobile first website design and development. Visit
• Product overview and shop pages
• The Bright Side Weekly Email Newsletter
• Newsletter sign-up welcome email series
• Press Event Materials
• User guide and product information manual


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