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Identifying new segments on a highly competitive product

Accessories for the iPhone and iPad are numerous, the companies ranging from no-names to Griffin and Belkin. Here, ZERO identifies entire segments of use that are clearly valid and not addressed with current product. Before the iPad was even launched, we looked at how it would be used and what features would be needed. The bed is a great example of a use location that is poorly addressed. You don’t have to hold a laptop, but you do have to hold an ipad. Is this progress?

Not only designed, this is considered

Of the hundreds of concepts, and dozens of scenarios that we developed, directions started to mesh and clarify. The living room was a clear home for the iPad, as an e-reader and as a convenient web and messaging tool. Where most of the current solutions focus on folios and stands, a simple armrest or floor bookstand integrate into the home. One of considerations that drove our concepting is that tablets will not just take over our analog lifestyle, but rather will live alongside it and enhance it. Why can’t a tablet be nearly invisible when not used but still have a clear home?

Unique solutions in a crowded market.

iPads are great for displaying images and YouTube movies at the drop of a hat, but then you have to hold the iPad and not be in the way of those watching. What if you could have a neat frame, so that your iPad looked more like art when doing a slide show? What if you have a simple kickstand that worked portrait or landscape? What if this frame also offered some protection, but left it easy to use? The iPad frame offers enhanced use in a variety of positions and contexts.


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