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[ricochet] provides design consultancy and creative services for cultural institutions, non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs. Our work spans four key practices: advertising, publications, identity design, and simple standards compliant web sites.

We both respect where you've been, as a unique organization, and where you're going. Moreover, we strive to reinforce your core identity and resonate with key targets regardless of the size or scope of the project at hand.

[ricochet] is the studio of communications designer Ron Zisman. Run as a collaborative, the studio frequently partners with other professionals (technical and creative), all of whom have a deep-down hunger for excellence.

Moving words and pictures around the page or accross the screen is the least (or last) of what we do. Our value comes from managing a process through which intelligent solutions naturally rise and scatter to the surface — solutions that address specific, defined problems and specific, defined objectives.

That process — one of digesting, exploring, imagining, reviewing, diverging, returning, rethinking — defines the way we operate and the depth of the results we achieve. We love design, and we do it well.



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