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OneSource Solutions International

Client: OSSI

OSSI, a physician founded company, is at the forefront of a paradigm shift in medical device connectivity. OSSI reached out to Trig for help elevating their existing branding and to guide them in building a system that serves as the foundation of their brand identity.

In the current healthcare system there is a gap between data repositories and healthcare providers. OSSI is bridging this gap with a transformative solution that merges data aggregation, medical device integration, team collaboration, and communication into a single platform that provides actionable data to the right person at the right time. This technology allows more accurate, and timely, decision making.

The Trig team partnered with OSSI to contextualize and develop a Visual Brand Expression and Language that would reflect the company’s values throughout their online and physical presences. As a new company it was important to have assets ranging from print and trade show materials such as updated signage, business cards, and sales sheets, to digital assets such as customer presentation decks.

While OSSI had already planted the initial seeds of a brand identity, Trig stepped in to guide the growth of those kernels into a refined vision. We started this project with an in-depth analysis of competitors and brand archetypes, to help lead clients into the most advantageous position. With the help of OSSI we quickly established a paragon to guide the process.

Initial work began with a quick overhaul of their current presentation decks, but quickly moved into developing mood boards that captured the already accepted archetype. These mood boards, along with guidance from the client, served as a guideposts in our journey to develop a new graphic identity that extends from digital to print publications.

In order to keep the process moving forward, Trig provided digital iterations of all brand development process milestones that the OSSI team could then mark up for any requested revisions. Tri

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Connie Tran, Stephen Lindamood

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