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Client: Lytro

When Lytro approached Artefact to collaborate on LYTRO ILLUM, the next generation of its light field camera, we were thrilled. Lytro is the first company to bring an entirely new category, Light Field Photography, to the consumer and professional markets, enabling a richer set of image data compared to conventional digital or film cameras. Built to harness the full power of the light field, the professional-grade LYTRO ILLUM will give photographers a new medium capable of capturing visual experiences in their purest form — not as a static cross-section of reality but an authentic, interactive window into their world.

We took a pragmatic approach to the hardware design, looking to achieve balance between the traditional and the new, what is needed and what could be eliminated. The design of LYTRO ILLUM offers the perfect combination of highly functional tools, a unique stance and an iconic appearance.


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