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C’monde is a premier Innovation and Industrial Design Agency that operates at the intersection of Customer Insight, Innovation and Industrial Design and headquartered in Hong Kong.

Our mission is to support and enable companies to continuously transform their offer into new and meaningful products and digital solutions so they remain relevant to their target consumer.

With a strong foothold in the Design Thinking process we develop ideas using a range of methods starting with qualitative customer interviews where we map values, behaviours, attitudes and needs of customers in China. Often this process uncovers game-changing opportunities for our clients.

Our award-winning Industrial Design service has accumulated a decade of experience in consumer electronics. With our fast moving team we ideate, test and prototype innovation to identify the most viable and relevant solution for the customer segment. We are particularly strong in Audio, IoT and Home Automation after working exclusively with top-tier brands and in close co-operation with the best manufacturers in China Greater Bay.

We serve an array of multinational clients such as Philips, Pepsi, Jabra, Octopus Card, Unilever, Miele, and a range of Government bodies both in Hong Kong and Sweden in three areas;

Award winning team of seasoned industrial designers and managers. With vast experience in research, design, UI/UX, prototyping, visual inspections, manufacturing and site visits.

With a strong foothold in the design thinking process we generate consumer insights through a range of methods starting with qualitative interviews and need identification that drive



  • Ung Svensk Form Svensk Form 2000
  • Ung Svensk Form Svensk Form 2001
  • Braun Prize Braun 2003
  • 40 under 40 Award / China Perspective 2007


  • WeSC
  • Jabra
  • Doro
  • Miele
  • Kerry Logistics
  • Holmbergs
  • Gibson
  • Muzik
  • Philips
  • BlueAir
  • Unilever
  • Karim Rashid
  • Pepsi Co
  • Landor
  • Marshall
  • HK Gov
  • Business Sweden
  • Haier



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C'monde Studios


  • Industrial Design
  • Research
  • Strategic Consulting

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We offer different pricing models so our clients can receive the most value for their design investments. We clearly define project scope and objectives within an agreed-upon time frame and budget.

C'monde Studios

PMQ unit 601, Block A
35 Aberdeen St, Central
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Hong Kong


Johan Persson
phone: +852 91587315
Website: Awarded Swedish Design johan@cmonde.com

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