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V-Danci Electoronic Bike E-Bike

Client: V-Danci

Thinking from the perspective of market differentiation and recognition, LKKER SCM get V1 a strong recognition, a bright orange-red ring with great energy and dynamics, and a slightly tortuous frame painted with automotive-grade metal paint, highlighting the minimalism of professionalism and speed The line of the car body allows the V1 to get rid of the messy parts and splicing solder joints of traditional electric vehicles, creating a futuristic professional transportation tool.

More ergonomic frame angle design, comfortable handlebars improved for long-term riding, brake handles more in line with the braking torque of electric vehicles, simple and quick folding structure, highly integrated battery bracket structure, and The carefully designed lighting system for safe travel at night has undergone multiple rounds of verification and modification to achieve higher standards.


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