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Imagination Technologies | Pure Connect set top box UI

Client: Imagination Technologies

Imagination Technologies asked us to refresh their best in class cloud based music service; Pure Connect available on the Avalon set top box.

To kick start the project we documented and understood in detail how the multi-channel experience differs through all the Pure Connect touchpoints, from desktop, smartphones and tablets, radio devices and the existing TV platform, by measuring engagement against behaviours and activities.
We produced a feature matrix to record and cross reference all the features and functionality that supported those activities. This provided the foundation for the migration analysis that helped understand how to translate and transpose the wider Pure Connect platform to the set top box and retain a consistent user and on brand experience.

We defined a set of experience principles to drive and inform design decisions for the service and to allow us to understand more about the TV experience, taking into account factors such as effort, engagement and the environment.

Using these principles, we explored how we could contextualise user interactions and the playback experience as well as administrative tasks such as purchasing music. Applying the principles to the interaction design models and patterns helped us build a proof of concept interactive prototype for all key user journeys through the service.

The prototype allowed us to test the structural design of the application and optimise it for use with a remote control; creating interactions that are fast, easy and include hard keys to enable a user to quickly browse or purchase content.

Consideration was given to TV-orientated design factors such as colour, resolution and screen composition. Balancing visual appeal with performance was the catalyst for producing digital production assets and translating the Pure Connect global visual language to TV screens.


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