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D3 Design has created a unique focussed creative process that aims to understand what people want, and then uses our real world production experience to do something with the information. The Blueprint Process™ is Idea led and People inspired.
The process aims to understand the relationship people have with your brand and what they want it to be like in the future and represent that desire in a three dimensional form. D3 Design offers a unique combination of brand centered design innovation, sophisticated 3D CAD design systems and expertise in manufacturing and production issues. We not only create new, innovative ideas for your brand - we can look after every step of development on the way to production.

The result is fast, innovative, functional and cost-effective designs for your brand that will impact the market.

D3 Product Design is a new and dynamic Australian consultancy. It has a small but high intensity environment drawing on the latest technology and over fifty one years in accumulated design experience. Specialties include; Audio/Digital Editing Equipment, Packaging, Transport, Electronic, Electrical Medical and Furniture design.



  • Australian Design Award Good Design 2011


  • Design Institute of Australia



Staff Size

6 - 10


  • Packaging
  • Industrial Design

Main Office

106 Boundary Street Paddington
Sydney, New South Wales 2021


David Francis
phone: +61 2 9361 6477
fax: 61 2 9360 9332
Website: www.d3design.com.au studio@d3design.com.au

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