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FLIR E-series

Client: FLIR Systems AB

The FLIR E-Series is a new family of precision instruments for the professional thermographer. As the first camera to manifest the new FLIR design identity, this product has been highly recognized by customers. The dynamic and rugged exterior combined with authentic metal details and innovative functionality and features makes this camera a state of the art, precise and powerful tool for the professional.

The E series is packed with the latest technology and all these features are encapsuled in a slim and portable design that is also ergonomic and functional to the end user.
The project is the result of a close and progressive collaboration with the ingenious engineers and managers at FLIR. Clearly these guys push the envelope.

"The release of the E-series has been very successful. As a result of this we have noticed an increased interest from our customers in this product category.
We have surpassed our forecasts and FLIR has been working very hard to produce in a pace that match a very high demand.
The design esthetics has moved our brand in a very desirable direction. Our customers appreciate the design features since it communicates a highly innovative and qualitative product, as all Flir products are." - Johannes Bergh, FLIR Chief Brand Officer

FLIR is a world leading manufacturer of innovative imaging systems, including infrared cameras, aerial camera and vision systems. Their products are useful in numerous of applications around the world.

Team Members

Oscar Karlsson, Jonas Samrelius


RED DOT Red dot product design 2012


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