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Ditch Witch: JT40 Horizontal Directional Drill

Client: Ditch Witch (Charles Machine Company)

The JT40 is a completely re-imagined industry-leading Horizontal Directional Drill and is an extension of a continued design relationship with Ditch Witch in their recent visual brand language across several product lines.

Input from Ditch Witch’s experienced Drill Operators and knowledgeable Engineering Department was distilled and refined by the SF designers and engineers to create a striking new engine body with design features that simplify machine maintenance and an operator’s cab with unparalleled ergonomics & un-compromised sight lines. The cab is equipped with full climate control, a full suspension seat, multiple LED monitor layouts, optimized leg-room, and curved tinted glass to reduce vibration & operator fatigue. The cab telescopes along a rail system allowing visual access to all pertinent movement points on the drill, and clear visibility in the drilling direction allowing diligent monitoring.

Positioning the operator at this optimum angle takes advantage of floor space and headroom giving the cab an ample feel. Using best ergonomic principles, all the necessary controls are arranged at arm’s reach, and equipment monitors are placed “downline” so movement isn’t needed to switch vantages from the spotter to the monitor.

The standard open operators station includes a uniquely designed integrated security/weather shade that covers the operator while sheltering the control and seating layout of the fully-optioned cab.

The engine body was designed from the ground-up to make the Ditch Witch brand recognizable from a mile away, with a powerful body-color division that draws the eye straight from the drill motor to the drill site in front of the machine. Extensive considerations were made to allow access to all necessary maintenance points while still keeping a high level of machine security when not in operation. The new engine body is tightly wrapped around a new Tier 4 Diesel engine, and together with industry-leading hydraulic pumps is capable


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