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David Gonçalves designs intricate products and innovative concepts for a better future.

His creative drive is to enhance the human condition and improve the built environment by having the least amount of impact on the natural environment. Solving existing problems, improving current activities and creating new behaviours.

As a business, David Gonçalves Design has 4 design programmes available:

Start-up programme
- Holistic product development process, oriented towards user centred product & industrial design, from user and market research to prototyping and design for manufacture. All stages of the process are offered separately or within a full Design Development Programme.

Consultancy programme
- Providing design insight to companies that already possess technical know-how in their own markets, but need a product redesign, brand re-positioning, or want to develop a new product. We work with and within the company, adopting its culture, adjusting it when needed, and making sure the DNA of the company is recognised in the final product.

Venture programme
- The best way to make friends. If you’re a brand or business with a great idea and market potential, we discount design fees to lower your initial costs, and our risk is rewarded by means of royalty on unit sales or an equity based deal. We have the tools to help build a solid and profitable business model for both partners.

Research programme
-For research labs and research projects stakeholders
If you are part of a consortium doing research on projects that have a human/machine relation component but don’t necessarily translate into a mass consumption product, this is the programme for you.



  • Michelin Challenge Design Michelin 2010
  • Michelin Challenge Design Michelin 2009
  • 12th International Bicycle Design Competition IBDC 2008


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  • LeoLED

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