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Goby Electric Toothbrush

Goby is a NYC based startup looking to revolutionize the oral care industry.

They came to Prime Studio because of our proven track record of successfully working with startups. They had no prior product development experience and realized that they needed our guidance not only on the product design, but with helping understand consumers needs, finding and vetting manufacturers, navigating the intellectual property landscape and how to launch successfully.

Prime Studio was involved in their journey to launch from day one and we’re all smiles with where we ended up.

After testing dozens of other brushes and consulting with dentists and hygienists we settled on a rotating oscillating head design because of it’s proven efficacy. Our next job was figuring out how to solve all those annoying pain points that people have with electric toothbrushes -

Wobbly, hard to use stands (Goby has a large stable slip-in stand),

Unsightly toothpaste crud (the run-off from Goby is channeled into an easy-clean silicone base)

Cord management problems (Goby uses a patent-pending removable USB magnetic charging system that can be used in the stand - or without for easier travel)

Battery life ( a high-capacity battery and optimized electronics means you only need to charge Goby twice a month)

Knowing when to change your brush head (Goby has a built-in digital timer that alerts you after 90 days, the recommended time to change your head)

High Price (Goby is half the price of competitive toothbrushes with similar specs - replacement heads are cheaper too)

We explored a wide range of form factors and developed multiple working prototypes to fine-tune the design. Working closely with Goby's manufacturing partners we optimized the Design for Manufacture to ensure we could deliver the quality we were looking for at a super-competitive price. The final sleek, minimal design looks great in any bathroom environment.

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