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Canfield Scientific IntelliStudio

The IntelliStudio is a fully automated solution that maps images of the body captured by a 50 megapixel DSLR camera and studio-quality non-polarized and cross-polarized lighting that is housed within the system. Users obtain consistent, reproducible images through the use of a motorized, programmable lift that ensures height consistency.

HSD worked with Canfield Scientific to create a lightweight structure that is easily handled by a user. The transportability of the product required our designers to consider the human factors behind how one would store, move, and interact with it. Full-scale foam mockups were created to properly evaluate the design and use of the system and experience the interactions firsthand. Working with, and expanding upon the Canfield Scientific brand identity, HSD helped find new material applications that allowed for the system to be as light as possible, but retain the high quality finish that Canfield Scientific is known for.


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