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Modular Infusion Pump

This concept was designed to alleviate many of the problems associated with existing infusion pumping systems, including cost reduction of the disposable, simplification of the syringe pumping mechanism, capital unit cost reduction, and enabling stackability (possibly not a word).

Designed into a simple aluminum extrusion, this unit uses a number of simple molded clips to provide options for pole mounting, ganged pole mounting, and a wearable unit. A gear pump design provides reliable pumping in a low cost disposable cassette while simultaneously providing positive displacement to eliminate large, cumbersome plunger-based syringe pumping mechanisms.

Though designed as a conceptual piece, these renderings show the level of technical detail used to drive our design process -- even at this early, conceptual stage of the project, we seek to incorporate volumetric and technical design constraints to eliminate rework (and a compromised design) as the project progresses. To do otherwise is a gamble, often with clients' $.


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