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BOLTGROUP | A Design Innovation Firm
Designing Products, Brands, And Services That People Love

We are a design innovation firm dedicated to helping you create business-building solutions that are considerate of your culture, community, and company.

For more than thirty-five years our team of designers, strategists, researchers, engineers, and implementers have been fueled by deep insights and boundless imagination leading to Design Innovation: our people-centered process that helps senior executives address market challenges, solve critical business problems, and capitalize on groundbreaking opportunities. The process integrates design thinking methods with design execution across a wide range of disciplines. So, whether you need new ideas to expand your business, design thinking to evolve current products and services, or disruptive innovation to transform your category, we’ll apply our process and experience to do what we do best: design products, brands, and services that people love.


  • Good Design Chicago Athenaeum 2018
  • Good Design Chicago Athenaeum 2018
  • Good Design Chicago Athenaeum 2006
  • Good Design Chicago Athenaeum 1999
  • IDEA Gold IDSA 2001
  • IDEA Gold IDSA 2001
  • IDEA Gold IDSA 1994
  • IDEA Gold IDSA 1990
  • IDEA Silver, Bronze, and Finalist Awards 2004-2018 IDSA 2018
  • Design Award Core77 2013
  • iF Award Industrie Forum Hannover 2000
  • CES Innovation Award CES 1998
  • EID Gold Appliance Manufacturer 1998
  • Architectural Products - Gold ADEX 2005
  • International Design - Gold IDA 2016
  • International Design - Gold IDA 2016
  • International Design - Gold IDA 2014
  • ID Forty ID Magazine 1994
  • Gold Award Medical Design Excellence 1998
  • Catalyst Award IDSA 2004
  • Design Award Red Dot 2021
  • Design Award iF 2021


  • IDSA
  • AIGA
DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


  • Rubbermaid
  • Coca-Cola
  • Hunter Fan
  • Herman Miller
  • Emerson
  • GE Lighting
  • PolyVision





  • Industrial Design
  • Branding
  • Strategic Consulting

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Main Office

1100 N Graham St
Charlotte, NC 28206
United States


Jess Vilag
phone: 704-372-2658

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