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Ground Control

Client: Ground Control Coffee

Working closely with Ground Control as the Industrial Design team yet again, we are happy to announce the completion of the third Ground Control batch brewing machine - now more compact and completely redesigned from the ground up!  We started with volume mock ups to create the best component architecture for desired dimensional and ergonomic requirements. We took on the challenge of creating a custom carafe that directly transfers the brewing process from the brew basket below and enters the carafe from the lower rear of the machine docking. The unique clear carafe captures the vision of a playful display of lights and helix coffee fountain for each brewing cycle. Since the vacuum chamber is pressurized, engineering found that structural ribs would be necessary. We took this specification adjustment as an opportunity to design a pleasing pattern of iconic structural ribs to maintain the visibility but also work as LED refraction details. These features enhance the light play that provides user feedback on brewing, completion, cleaning and coffee freshness.  Along with the complete Industrial Design process, we were able to give the brand a fresh new look to match the unparalleled and award winning coffee experience that everyone has come to expect from Ground Control.  The last touch point, being the user interface. We designed an intuitive experience so the barista can easily focus on dialing in their specific brewing desires. Delightful details such as a logo pattern can be found when removing the carafe. We are humbled with the chance of being part of the Ground Control team once again and look forward to working together on their next groundbreaking product.


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