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Ecosistema Urbano is an innovative agency focused on the understanding of the city as a complex phenomenon, from a special point of view between architecture, urbanism, engineering and sociology. The team’s field of interest is defined by something they call ‘creative urban sustainability’, from where to react to the present situation of cities through innovation, creativity and particularly action.


DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


  • projects have been exhibited at multiple galleries
  • museums and institutions: The Venice Biennale of Architecture
  • “Le Sommer Environnement“ in Paris
  • Milan Spazio FMG
  • Seoul Design Olympics
  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen
  • Boston Society of Architects
  • Matadero Madrid
  • Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid
  • Society of Architects of Madrid and Barcelona
  • Design Museum in London-exhibition “Sustainable Futures”
  • Deutsches Architektur Zentrum Berlin.

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