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Brane | Creating Concert Vibes at Countertop Size

Client: Brane Audio

A single, portable smart speaker with the ability to engulf you in sound as if it were a full surround sound entertainment system might be hard to imagine but with ten-times the sub bass notes compared to its rivals on the market, the Brane X speaker is finally here.

Both located in the live music capitol – Austin, Texas – Pushstart Creative has been collaborating with Brane Audio on the industrial design, user interface + experience, and brand development of their groundbreaking smart speakers since early 2016.

Feel what you hear. Ensuring that Brane stands out in an extremely competitive category was a top priority and through extensive research Pushstart was able to uncover a variety of cliches that are leveraged across audio brands. The approach was to challenge those tropes by highlighting the advanced technology of the Brane X speaker through a unique brand voice that is fresh and direct.

A sophisticated icon. The final brand language of the web, app, and product were designed in parallel to complement one another. Intended to be a part of a larger family of speakers and electronics to come, the Brane X’s oval shape is employed as a core visual motif – a form that is ownable and memorable and yet able to blend in with any environment and symbolizing the speaker as a conduit to live music.

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