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My name is Joseph Gabry. Dedicated and curious, I understand branding and identity as one of the most precious assets and advantages to a company. Understanding brand, how it is developed and applied is of the utmost importance in today's business environment. I'm a designer with a knack for storytelling and the skills to translate complex ideas into engaging results.

As a creative leader, I have completed a variety of successful projects in Graphic, Product and Experiential Design. My experience has taught me that a well-designed user experience, product, or graphic captures a user’s attention and makes the interaction with it meaningful and unforgettable.

Working in the experiential space has strengthened my ability to not only think as a designer, but to think conceptually and communicate creative strategies across a broad range of disciplines. I have collaborated with, and lead multi-disciplinary teams on a global scale to create thoughtful learning opportunities, rich interactions, and delightful experiences.

My experience at Warrior Sports offered the opportunity to design and develop innovative lacrosse and hockey equipment, footwear, and accessories. It provided me with the experience of working closely with overseas staff and factories to ensure proper materials selection, manufacturing methods, and product quality.

For your consideration, I've attached my updated portfolio and resume. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at the number below. I hope we can meet soon to discuss how I can benefit your company as a designer.


  • Atwater Brewery
  • The Detroit Beer Co.
  • Hawaiian Tropic
  • Lockhart's BBQ
  • Moncur Associates
  • The Royal Oak Brewery
  • SMZ Advertising
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Lincoln Motor Company
  • Imagination
  • Team Wendy



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