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We design, engineer and manufacture embedded electronic products, often based on processors such as STM32 / PIC32. Many are wirelessly connected belonging to the Internet Of Things (IoT) and we also make industrial equipment.

Titoma stands for Time To Market. Our "Magic Sauce" is to avoid delays by involving all key Chinese (component) suppliers from the very beginning of the design.

Most of our clients know they need to manufacture electronics in China, because of its unparalleled supply chain and cost advantages. They have tried dealing with the factories in China themselves but eventually got tired of the persistent disconnect between their design team and the factory in China.

With us doing both design AND Manufacturing in Asia, we save them time, aggravation and quite a bit of money.

We do our design in our Taiwan and Colombia offices, most manufacturing in China, and high value & complex production in Taiwan. We have been honing our skills, and strengthening our ecosystem of component suppliers, since 2001.

If you're an established B2B company needing a Reliable Custom Device, on Time and on Target, we should definitely talk, contact Case Engelen ce@titoma.com.

We'll demo our value by doing a quick Proof Of Concept for very little money if we're a match.

Interested to learn how to optimize an electronic design for China Manufacturing: we have come up with 9 rules: https://www.titoma.com/dfm-china/



  • Top IOT Development Company Goodfirms 2020


  • Preferred Microchip Design Partner


  • ABB
  • Heineken
  • Giesecke & Devrient
  • Normbau
  • Logitech
  • IBM



Staff Size


Titoma Design For Manufacturing Taiwan & China


  • Engineering
  • Design Management
  • Industrial Design

Typical Project Budget

$50,000 - $100,000


We provide all-in budgets which include: - ID - ME - Electronic Design - Firmware - Prototypes - Injection molds - Certifications - Packaging - Supply chain set-up - Pilot runs - Mass Manu

Main Office

18F, 75 XinTai 5th Road, Sec.1,
New Taipei, 22101


Case Engelen
phone: +886 2 8698 1249
fax: +886 2 2727 4689
Website: Titoma Design For Manufacturing Taiwan & China bizdev@titoma.com

Additional Locations

Titoma Electronic Engineering Colombia

75A 33 Carrera 21


Soleyda Manrique Naranjo
phone: +57 312 774 9772
Website: Engineering For China Manufacturing soleyda.manrique@titoma.com

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