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Soundshield Wireless Headset & Soundshield 4G Acoustic Protection Device

Client: Polaris

The Soundshield Wireless Headset and Soundshield 4G Acoustic Safety Device were developed in order to provide contact centre headset users with the highest level of acoustic protection possible. The Soundshield products protect the hearing by using a two pronged approach: Noise Limiting and Shriek Rejection. Limiting the incoming volume protects hearing by reducing long term noise exposure, and the unique shriek rejection software (Sonaron) prevents acoustic shock injury. The Soundshield products are a convenient plug and play solution that also deliver wideband sound quality, an intuitive Touchscreen with Desk-phone / PC switching and essential call controls at your fingertips.


AIDA Design Award Best in Category: Commercial & Industrial 2013, iF Product Design Award 2013


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