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The Runner

Client: Momentum Labs

The Runner Delivery System by Momentum Labs is an innovative solution that is set to redefine the last-mile food delivery experience. This unique system integrates cutting-edge heat and humidity management, ensuring pizzas are delivered as fresh as they were just out of the oven. The system's robust and sleek design aligns with the modern aesthetics of the Momentum Labs brand.

Brand Design
Our creative team developed the brand and logo design for the overarching company, Momentum Labs, as well as for the specific product, Runner. Momentum Labs was envisioned as a pioneering entity, creating devices to facilitate and enhance the last-mile delivery of food. The Runner product was branded as a cutting-edge solution to transform the pizza delivery experience.

Product Design and Engineering
The Runner Delivery System required intricate electrical and mechanical engineering. The electrical engineering aspect was challenging due to the complexity of designing a new product that required an innovative heating system, humidity control, and multiple sensors to maintain optimal pizza conditions. The mechanical engineering component focused on durability, taking into account the rough usage and less-than-ideal storage conditions during the delivery process.

User Research
We conducted comprehensive user research, visiting pizza stores, and interviewing pizza aficionados, delivery drivers, and store owners. This provided us with a deep understanding of the current market dynamics and potential challenges for our product.

Industrial Design
The Runner system's industrial design balances sleekness with functionality. It portrays modern aesthetics while remaining minimalistic, allowing for a seamless integration into the existing delivery process without being invasive.

Digital Design and Branding
Our digital design team developed an application for continuous monitoring of the pizza's temperature and humidity within the Runner system. This innovative feature allo

Team Members

Michael Sprauve


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