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Hologic - Trident HD

Client: Hologic

Hologic’s Trident HD is the next generation of a user-friendly, specimen radiography system for breast conserving surgeries and stereotactic breast biopsies. Hologic is an innovative medical technology company that specializes in breast and skeletal diagnostic and surgical solutions. HSD collaborated with Hologic to create a breast biopsy system that through streamlined workflow and small footprint, can easily be maneuvered in a crowded operating or procedure room. Through the use of the Trident HD system, clinicians can receive high-resolution images for rapid sample verification right in the operating or procedure room. Hologic has recently announced the commercial availability of the Trident HD in the US, Canada and Europe following its release of FDA clearance and CE mark.

HSD worked with Hologic to identify key insights in use through contextual inquiry design research and then translated these findings into a device that reflected the Hologic brand and expanded upon their technology and user experience.

For more information, visit our Hologic Trident HD case study here: https://hs-design.com/project/hologic-trident-hd-specimen-radiography-system/


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