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Kompleks Creative, Inc. is a high level graphic design firm located in the heart of Durham, North Carolina. Since 2001, we've worked with a wide variety of clientele in a variety of demographics.

The ultimate goal of Kompleks Creative is to put a "face" on your business by designing and improving your company identity. We help our clients solidify a brand to represent them, as well as help them stand out amongst cookie cutter companies. Meticulously, we work to develop a strong brand, whether it's for web, print or a complex identity system.We utilize fierce and unique creative processes as our strategic and artistic approach to client projects rather than the generic “get it done quickly” processes to stay ahead of the competition.

Whether it's an agency, individual or a business, we approach everyone the same. We reach out to visually communicate (and stimulate) their solution, services and overall identity.



  • North Carolina Central University Duke University Carnegie Mellon University University of Pittsburgh Hall of Justus Music Group The True School Foundation The Brightest Stars Foundation



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