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CEAD is a young and small design and engineering firm located in Rotterdam. CEAD stands for Connecting Engineering and Design, which comes from the expertises of the team members. CEAD is pronounced as "Seed" which stands for the expertise of the firm to take on a complete project from the ground up. We have a lot of experience in this field and have been working together for 3 years on the complete development of consumer products.

Between this junction of both specialties, we firmly believe prototyping is the key factor to a successful product. With a dedicated prototyping room, equipped with state of the art machine such as: CNC milling and turning machines, multiple 3D printers, metal laser-cutter and other machines necessary to shape a wide range of materials, we will be able to deliver the first prototypes within a couple of days.

We are specialized in delivering high end prototypes, conceptual development of ideas and the implementation into production.



DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


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