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About the Artist Durso Design is a professional design studio established in 1998, located in Santa Monica, California. We believe that strong conceptual design and unique brand developing can make a difference. We specialize in creative design for website, print, advertising and film.

At Durso Design, we know two things for certain. Your business is only as strong as your brand, and your brand is only as strong as your images. Durso Design is your first-class ticket to innovative marketing.

Durso Design helps clients communicate to their audiences by meeting design challenges head-on in three areas:

Identity Design
You need powerful symbols and messages to identify you in the marketplace. DD’s logotypes, marketing collateral, and design guidelines cut through the white noise of global commerce and let your identity ring out.

Interactive Design
Today’s independent customers no longer sit passively waiting to be “sold.” DD-designed web sites and interfaces satisfy consumers’ desire to explore, allowing them to actively participate in your marketing campaign.

Print Design
No campaign is complete without well-coordinated print ads, collateral, packaging, signage, et cetera. Let Durso Design be the engine that drives your marketing machine.



  • Graphic Design
  • Interaction Design

Main Office

1404 3rd St Promenade #202
Santa Monica, Los Angeles 90401
United States


Rovane Durso
phone: 310 394-1144
fax: 310 394-1144
Website: www.dursodesign.com info@dursodesign.com

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