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SEO is dead, right? It DIED… along with Hummingbird, Medic, Panda, Penguin and the rest of them, right?


While Social Media can’t be ignored, the facts remain very clear – the #1 best-converting, most profitable traffic on planet earth still to this day comes from Organic Search (SEO).

If you don’t show up on Google when users search for your product or service, then you may as well not exist at all.

If you’ve assigned your entire annual marketing budget into Facebook or Google ads, then these alarming stats should be of concern to you.

AVERAGE CPC (cost per click) for Facebook INCREASED +171% IN 2021
And it’s expected to continue rising…

What about Google AdWords CPC’s?

?? 2016 $1.02
?? 2017 $1.55
?? 2018 $2.14
?? 2019 $2.62
?? 2020 $2.76

GOOGLE CPC increased +170% IN 5 YEARS!!!
Costs are still on the rise.

Perhaps you’ve done SEO in the past and were left with little to no results.
Or maybe you’re thinking SEO doesn’t work anymore and it’s impossible to ‘trick’ Google into ranking your site?
If so, you’re literally missing out on thousands of visitors per month to your site.

But even if you’re doing SEO its important to understand that the rules for SEO have completely changed and continue to change month by month. The competition is tough and you must stay current to succeed.

That’s why we are offering a free and brand new 2022 report that will identify key SEO issues with your site. It looks at your overall site health, dead links, internal links, link profile, competitor analysis, site speed (mobile & desktop) server issues and much more.

YES! the report is 100% free.
Simply complete the order form below to get your free SEO report
& complementary phone consultation.


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