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Hi Honey Packaging

Beyond the Honey Bear

When it comes to iconic packaging for honey, nothing has yet come close to the familiar honey bear that has been around since the 50s. The structural packaging landscape today is noticeably homogeneous and repetitive, highlighting an opportunity for innovation.

The Market is Buzzing

The global honey market has been growing and is expected to continue to grow as consumer preferences shift toward healthier, more nutritious and natural alternatives for sugar. Raw, unfiltered, local honey is growing in popularity, but is generally found packaged in bland and basic stock bottles.

Hi Honey I’m Home!

The Hi Honey concept plays upon the familiar phrase and extrapolates it to the bottle itself, reimagining the plastic squeeze bottle into the shape of a bold and unmistakable lower case ‘h’. On shelf, when the bottle is turned 90 degrees it reads as an ‘i’, creating a fun shelf stocking opportunity with the bottles themselves. Talk about a shelf talker!

The label works in unison with the structure, highlighting the shape of the letter ‘h’ while the bottle generously hugs and protects the label. The artwork is delicately lightweight so as to not compete with the boldness of the bottle shape. Stylized in a slightly whimsical hand drawn line art aesthetic, the label adds a layer of sophistication with a gold foil detail.

Celebrating the Source

The storytelling of the brand is centered around the source of the pollen that the hardworking bees have selected: the wildflowers! Sprouting from the bottom of the label, a few flower stems make an appearance, surrounded by some busy bees. An added surprise: the top label peels off after purchase to reveal a hidden label that is decorative only and bursts with gold foil botanicals. Now the bottle can be used as a vase for some fresh new wildflowers, bringing the story full circle back to the source.

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