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About Us

StudioDIM associati is a firm based in Florence committed to the illustration of architectural projects.

Since 1995 the practice provides full 3D rendering and animation services.

We are all architects exclusively devoted to exploring new languages to communicate design through visualization.

We pursue excellence.

Like Renaissance artisans at work with digital tools, we offer a peculiar approach to each of our assignments and constantly bring an informed perspective to our clients' illustration issues.

From truly realistic to surprisingly visionary, our renderings are perfectly fitted to suit each project’s uniqueness, imagined to interpret the designer’s idea in any stage of the design process and to unveil the distinctive ambience created by architectural choices.

Our passion, our experience, our reliability have earned studioDIM recognition as one of the most respected rendering practices in Europe.




  • Architecture
  • Motion Graphics

Main Office

25, via Cittadella
Firenze, FI 50144


Enrico Mercuri
phone: (+39)0553215062
fax: (+39)055320700

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