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Delta System

Client: Biodesy, Inc

Biodesy, Inc. is a new life sciences company which is developing the first technology for detecting conformational change in proteins and other biological molecules in real time. Biodesy commissioned Anvil Studios to create the industrial design for the outer housing covers of their first product, the Delta System.

We began the concept exploration by studying key areas of user interactions. We then applied human factors guidelines to ensure that the critical areas were accessible and optimally located.

The selected design direction, named Zigzag, applies a dynamic wrapping element which breaks up the system’s large appearance. The asymmetric gesture cuts from the front left to the right and highlights the main interaction zone, the Chip Deck. This design element also provides a natural presentation for the branding and inserts a striking pop of color. Many of the smaller details, such as door handles and parting lines, are integrated into the “zigzag” to streamline the design. Finally, a stylish and functional venting pattern, which stretches across both side panels, adds visual interest.


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