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Client: Ergo Impact

The LeanRite is an award-winning standing desk solution designed for people with adjustable height sit-stand desks.

The LeanRite helps with the preventative health benefits of standing desks by making it comfortable and easy to stand longer in neutral posture. Additionally, the LeanRite offers relief to those who have trouble sitting for long periods of time due to chronic back pain.

LeanRite was designed and engineered by product council and awarded a Good Design and Spark Award, and was a Finalist in the IDEA [International Design Excellence Award] competition.

Team Members

Greg Foster, Robert Sheldon, Jonathan Sheinkop


Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award 2017, Spark Spark Award 2017, IDSA IDEA Finalist 2017


#ergonomic #industrialdesign #LeanRite #productdesign

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