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In the current market situation and easily understand that technological innovation and competitiveness are part of a set of crucial factors for those who design and conception. Their difference from the competition can be a key to succeed successfully.
The 3D printing has come to rise up in the market as an essential tool in the study phases and structural analysis at low cost.

Mega brands and institutions such as NASA, Ford, Holy Family, Pixar, IBM. Nokia, Timberland, felt the need to follow the evolution.
These are some examples of large scale successful companies, but your business will also progressing, using the same ideals.
TRIDAXIS can be your business partner in many different challenges.

Idealize each project with uniqueness, assuming our responsibility and commitment with the main purpose of the meeting with fullness in your project.

TRIDAXIS offer 3D printing service that you can requested at any time and with the features you wish.
We will do everything to match and conquer your confidence.



  • Architecture
  • Industrial Design
  • Interaction Design

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Rua Silva Brinco, 322
Matosinhos, Portugal 4465-264


Hugo Duarte

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