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Human-centered multidisciplinary design & development consultancy with over 11 years' experience with several category leading fortune 500 companies to start-ups. Encompassing comprehensive knowledge and technical skills in medical devices, consumer products, mechanical & electronic devices, oral hygiene and packaging. Utilizing a strong foundation in traditional Industrial Design while leveraging a mechanical integration and Engineering mindset to invent, coupled with extraordinary attention to detail. Satisfaction in creating the simplest innovative solution for complex problems within stringent cost and manufacturing parameters.

Look, I get it...why entrust Stromad® in the vast sea of so called "Industrial Designers," "Engineers" and "Innovators." Forget any perception of the limits—give me the chance to talk with you for an honest and direct conversation. I'm confident and direct in my abilities and ideals. Form follows function and always design for manufacture. Would love any opportunity to prove myself on any design challenges that will arise in future or current projects. I know what it takes to bring a product to market profitably with extensive knowledge in injection molding, thermoforming, and blow molding. Please allow me the opportunity to further discuss my personality, fit, and design for manufacturing skill sets.


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Stromad | New Product Development


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Conveniently located in NJ, 45 minutes of New York City & 2 hours of Philadelphia.
Upper Morris County, NJ 07834
United States


phone: 828 | 380 | 4848
Website: matthew [at]

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