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Artizan Expressions Dental Operatory Cabinets

Client: Midmark Corporation

Focusing on the whole patient, not just their teeth, many dentists are looking for ways to ease patient fears by create a welcoming environment that downplays dental procedures and equipment. Midmark engaged Karten Design to refresh its dated Artizan dental furniture line and leapfrog the competition with new aesthetic and functional innovations that meet dentists’ evolving needs.

New functional details, such as integrated USB and electrical outlets, CPU storage, built-in glove and towel dispensers, and recessed sharps containers, help dentists make their workflow invisible to patients, who see only clean countertops and rich, wooden cabinet panels. These same details make the staff’s work easier by eliminating clutter and aiding cord control. Moments of privacy and solitude, such as the recovery area featuring a sink, mirror, tissues, and built-in mouth wash pump, put patients in control.

Karten Design leveraged our location in Los Angeles, at the heart of visual and cultural trends, to inspire a completely new look for the dental market. Employing tactile leather and resin panels, soft spot lighting, and free-floating forms, designers drew from spas, restaurants, residential design, as well as insights from design research in high-end Southern California dental offices, to create a tranquil experience.


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