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UCS X Series Show Model

Client: Cisco

San Francisco, CA– Speck Design and Cisco partnered to create a revolutionary demonstration model of Cisco’s new modular system UCS X-Series. The scaled-down device was first showcased at the company’s yearly event, Cisco Live, and proved to be an invaluable tool for educating and inspiring interest.

While the UCS X-Series networking system is poised to be the next generation of computing, its power, innovation, and versatility are challenging to convey at tradeshow or presentation events. Portability issues and space limitations also preclude the system from being transported and displayed.

Speck Design’s multi-disciplinary team of engineers, industrial design, and experience designers created a scaled-down version of the system’s chassis and components to address these issues. They also optimized the unit to be easily transported and set up on an office table for presentations and demonstrations.

The ¾ scale model showcases the platform’s modularity by allowing users to remove certain system elements, such as a fan, module, power supply module, and two different blade assemblies. The unit also has two interactive touchscreens. The first is a side screen that showcases an inside view of the system. The second is a main screen that features several different infographics to inform users of the system’s hardware and software capability. The main screen is also synchronized to the removable components and displays pertinent information about them when touched.

Through portability and interactivity, the Cisco display model is a highly effective way to showcase the next-generative technology while elevating the user experience. This combination has allowed Cisco the flexibility and interest generation needed to engage future customers and showcase the full potential of their UCS X-Series as well as their ever-growing array of software applications.

Speck Design is an innovation-forward company founded in California's Silicon Valley over 25 years ago.


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