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Lift Aircraft Hexa

Client: Lift Aircraft

Lift Aircraft is the world’s first ever multirotor eVTOL aircraft in association with LIFT. Designed for aspirational pilots across the globe, the eVTOL airship, otherwise known as the Hexa aircraft will enable anyone anywhere to fly, no pilot’s license required.

The key value proposed by Lift is the opportunity of becoming a pilot for an afternoon: you can feel and act as if you were a pilot without the long training and investment. The customer journey is built around this: you can become a pilot for a day and fly around freely. You can book through the app as if it was a regular ground taxi.

On location, customers are enrolled in a training, specially designed for Lift Aircraft, with simulator sessions. They can then enter the vertiport area for pre-flight check. They receive a tablet, with which they are guided through the process. Once they are done with checking the aircraft, they can continue with some in-cabin check-ups. Just like real pilots. This session is closed by an automated system check and review.

It was a great challenge to deal with flight information: we had to avoid overloading the unexperienced user with information, and in the meantime, indicate all flight data that is truly relevant. The most important information are flight time remaining, accessible airspace, nearby obstacles, landing spots and basic flight information like speed, altitude and wind. There is an AR view option, where flight information is projected on the live image of the front cameras. This makes it easier for the user to understand and connect information with their perception of their surroundings. On screen, the yellow areas show you where they can and cannot fly: it covers congested areas as well as areas out of range. The elliptical white line the points of no return on a circle. The aircraft doesn’t let users pass this line. It warns them before reaching it, and if ignored, it automatically turns back and lands at the closest safe landing zone.

The experi

Team Members

Robert Kovacs, Rita Honosi, Peter Molnar


A'Design Award Silver A'Design Award in Transportation Design 2019, BIG SEE Product Design Award Grand Prix in Mobility Category 2019


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