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We are a Digital Creative Agency, providing a wide range of services:

For Graphic Communication, we offer branding, traditional print design in many styles (corporate, informational, creative/artistic) and event/booth design.

For Multimedia, we offer ultra-high end 3D animations to show off the best of your products, replace photography with pristine imagery (before the product goes into production potentially) and leverage all assets to print and web applications as well. A product shot set up in 3D means that the studio and lighting are forever in place, ready to be used again at a moments notice if a different angle is needed.

Add to this high value video production and digital special effects, and we give the client the ability to significantly increase their design value across literally any conceivable collateral.

For Web/Mobile, we offer site design in all current popular programming styles, HTML, JAVA, JOOMLA, WordPress and more. Sites can range from simple low page count demonstrative or information pieces, to full blown corporate sites with rich media integration and full social media connectivity. We are especially concerned with ensuring reliable, seamless desktop to mobile experiences.

Finally, our work style means we pursue extreme education on the products, style, goals and history of our clients in any project we are involved with. Not only the client, but their competition as well. We are not content to blindly produce work to spec without ensuring we have a deep and fundamental understanding of what the client represents. As such, nearly every project involves strategic consulting as part of the package, as we want to make sure we add value to every facet of the relationship.

At BKDSN, we are genuinely committed to highest quality work comparable much larger and older design houses. Our goal is to leverage art and communication to increa



  • Reebok
  • Schluter Systems
  • Transcontinental
  • Microsoft xRM
  • Brother



Staff Size




  • Interaction Design
  • Branding
  • Marketing & Communication

Typical Project Budget

$10,000 - $25,000


Budgets for larger high-end multimedia projects tend to be in the stated range (and up), but we also work on smaller individual print projects, emailers and so forth, so don't hesitate to propose!

Location 1

8368 rue Bougainville
suite 105
Montreal, PQ j7v 0j6


phone: 514-620-9108
Website: www.bkdsn.com tom@bkdsn.com

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