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3D CLEAN Sterilization System

PDT was asked to develop a revolutionary new sterilization system that utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light to purge 99.99% of bacteria, mold and viruses from medical tools and food products. PDT provided turnkey expertise to develop and prototype the entire device. The teams’ collaboration resulted in 3-D CLEAN, a counter top unit the size of a microwave that utilizes patent-pending 360° Core UV Technology that disinfects and sterilizes the entire surface of any item placed on the unit’s proprietary quartz glass shelf. With self-adjusting capabilities, the machine alters UV exposure time based on an object’s size, UV absorption and the lamp’s UV output, providing a sterile item in a matter of seconds.

Despite the similarities in its scale and placement, it was essential from both a business and safety perspective to differentiate the device from a microwave. The aesthetic and format were strategically developed to create differentiation and present a clearly identifiable device. PDT looked to the use environment of healthcare facilities, labs and homes to develop a design that boasts a durable aesthetic suitable for use beyond hospitals enabling adoption into lab and healthcare units, schools, commercial, retail establishments and even into the homes of consumers with medical conditions such as a compromised immune system. PDT developed the intuitive user interface with a wipe clean surface. Utilizing low resolution LED indictors, the touch sensitive controls inform and educate on function, stage and process without the need for regional language variations. Overall, the unified design approach and streamlined functionality present a device that brings 360° sterilization to those who critically need their food or equipment sterilized safely and efficiently.


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