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Client: TEMPTU

The TEMPTU Air is the first cordless, portable airbrush makeup device. Weighing less than a pound and featuring three speeds of adjustable airflow for customizable coverage, as well as a long-life USB rechargeable battery, it enables anyone to achieve airbrush makeup results anywhere with ease.

Pump and battery technology made this all-in-one device possible. The design challenge: How small could we make the product while ensuring high performance and appropriate battery life? How could we provide the power of a plug-in unit in a compact, sleek form?

Engineering development was an act of balancing power and air output requirements with the need for miniaturization. Industrial designers worked around the circuitry, motor, and cylindrical battery to sculpt a small, elegant device that feels good in a user's hand and works equally well for two target markets: consumers applying their own makeup and professional makeup artists applying makeup for their clients.


Appliance Design EID Gold 2016, Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Product Winner 2015, Spark Awards Finalist 2016, WWD Beauty Inc. Prestige Beauty Product of the Year 2015


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