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Innovation guides our product design and development consulting firm to create thriving products and release them in record time. CHOi Design assists clients and R&D departments across industries in the design of existing and new products. CHOi Design can fulfill any design request. Our established design strategies allow CHOi Design to provide our clients with high quality, low cost products.

CHOi Design is distinguished by our excellent customer service and follow-up. We apply effective engineering and marketing strategies from conceptualization to production. Observation, market research, risk analysis and ideation make CHOi Design a leader in the industrial design field. Our designers' superior communication skills allow them to work as a team with our clients to identify and achieve their final goal. The latest technologies allow us to provide three dimensional files ready for manufacturing and launch.

Market shifts and ever changing project scopes may perplex some design firms. However, we at CHOi Design are known for our flexibility in product changes, marketing and sourcing at any time. At CHOi Design, we have the ability to react to customer’s requirement changes with ease at any point in the design process.

CHOI Design is a medium size consulting firm, based in Chicago, Illinois, and has operated in the product design industry for over 20 years. The differentiator for CHOi Design, Inc. is our reputation for a high production ratio, competitive pricing and our fast to market design strategy. CHOi Design will provide designers who are detail oriented and in tune with the market. In addition, we will provide excellent customer service and efficiently produce quantitative ideations and final products.



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CHOi Design, Inc.


  • Industrial Design
  • Research
  • Packaging

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2501 W. Washington Blvd. Ste 400
Chicago, IL 60612
United States


Charles Choi
phone: 312-738-3030

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