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MUOV Tiltbike smart trainer

Client: MUOV

Today's options to bike at home are mainly limited to static equipment: either using outdoor bikes indoors, or static 'spin' and training bikes. None of them feel like cycling, as they don't tilt and steer and connect steering to balance. Most digital apps and games, used by thousands, don't support cycling through open space.

MUOV's TiltBikes support natural balancing and steering and enable riding in 3D environments. The experience feels more natural for the body - like riding a bike outdoors - and enables immersive training, esports, and interactive fitness.

Springtime helped the Muoverti team in designing the TiltBike base, Road frame and Triathlon frame.

The Muoverti Tiltbike is an indoor bicycle trainer with a unique system in which the combined movement of frame and front wheel with the right resistance course approaches the real cycling feeling in detail. Resistance, shifting, incline, acceleration, braking are all controlled digitally in the resistance generator and result in a very natural feel on the pedals. Different frame types are available (frame sizes, race, MTB, TT, gym) that can be easily clicked onto the frame, allowing different users within a family to use the smart frame. Finally, all input and output can be linked to virtual racing environments such as Zwift and RTG, giving you a full indoor cycling training experience.

Indoor trainers have been a strongly emerging category for a number of years, parallel to 'real' cycling. Indoor training has offered many people a unique solution during COVID-19 when the gyms were closed for a long time. Indoor trainers enable people to complete a full cycling training even in bad weather or less time. The innovative character of the Muoverti Tiltbike is 4-fold:

1. The most natural cycling feeling currently available on the market

2. The fully digital resistance system, so that virtually any situation can be simulated, both in terms of landscape, weather conditions, gear settings and brak

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