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ISS Oximeter

Client: ISS Medical

The ISS Oxiplex is a non-invasive device used in clinical and laboratory environments to measure the amount of oxygenated and de-oxygenated tissue in the body and brain. It does so by using a patented technology along with near Infrared spectroscopy to manipulate light and measuring how well the sample scatters and absorbs the light. Since it measures the oxygen content directly, it does not require any calibration or estimation of the scattering of light. This device is used in the monitoring of premature infants, sleep apnea, sport medicine, brain oxygenation and many other instances where direct pulse oximetry is not possible and where oxygen content in tissues, not arteries is required.

Optimal Design's innovation team developed a solution that converged several different devices and functions into a single, mobile, ergonomic and user friendly design. The aesthetics of the enclosure are designed to fit with other components in the modern medical environment. The design also communicates that it is an approachable yet sophisticated piece of hardware. An ergonomically placed handle at the balance point giving the product great mobility. Also, all of the sensor cords are cleverly stowed in discreet pockets that form the side of the enclosure, giving it a uniform appearance all around. The device is very easy to deploy or move as it now only requires the stowing of a few cables and turning off of the power button. Touch points, such as the drawer, sensor holders, power buttons, etc. are accentuated for ease of use and are intuitive for the end user. The thermal management is unique in that it involves the use of the same internal aluminum chassis that is used to mount all components including the outer plastic housings. This internal chassis was designed as a heat sink to pull heat away from the sensitive electronics. An internal fan pulls air over the chassis and electronics in order to take the heat out of the enclosure to maintain good thermal pe

Team Members

Bridget Soldan, Brian Retzke, Alex Park, Sajid Patel


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