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Medical Travel Packaging

Client: Shakadia

Travelling around with medication can become problematic, especially where space is critical. A conventional first aid box is hardly the most convenient in size, especially for those backpacking or hiking, yet who still require essential medicinal products as a backup. Our challenge was to outline a new product design for a medication travel kit that would ideally suit the needs and requirements of those in such situations.

Initially we reviewed the existing market offering and took into account the needs of the target market and key requirements, including the harsh environment which the product may be used within, helping to aid material selection early on. We outlined a number of concepts which looked to address the lack of robustness and convenience of size but which could still provide a secure storage space. Building in our knowledge of manufacture at the early design stage knowing the product were likely to be injection molded, we outlined a design solution which addressed the requirements and went above the client expectations.

We were able to deliver a final outcome that challenged the existing market in this area, offering a strong medication packaging solution to the end user. Complemented by a product brand identity and a highly detailed manufacture-led design approach, the client was well placed to move forward into manufacture and take the product to market.


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