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Noble’s biggest advantage over a traditional molder is the speed to market we can provide. Our Engineering and Design services can aid your team with design and analysis functions, cooperate with mold makers for the best long-term value, and utilize the latest in inspection technology and statistical analyses to streamline the qualification process. Our team of engineers and designers holds multiple patents, conducts technical research, and participates and presents at industry conferences.

Noble Plastics is a custom injection molder that relies on advanced scientific methods and automation for producing repeatable and compliant performance parts. Noble has the expertise and hardware needed to handle engineered resins, high heat resins, post-mold secondary processes, and assembly. With current injection molding capabilities up to 730 tons, CNC machining processes, 6-axis robotic handling and 100% process recording, Noble provides reliable documented manufacturing.

Traditional molding shops can be stymied by tightly toleranced parts at several stages. From the material handling, processing, data collection, and validation stages, Noble uses real-time information from cavity pressure sensors, machine monitoring, and precise part handling to assure customers that only compliant parts are delivered. With Noble’s efficient and dependable systems, our customers also enjoy highly competitive rates.

Design services are available to assist with metal to plastic conversion, realization of new products, optimization of assemblies, and even packaging and logo design. Noble’s design team has proven success in delivering traits such as functionality, sustainability, ergonomics, and positive user experience. Prototyping, presentation materials, and short run R&D development processes are within our capabilities.

After qualification of parts, our staff can provide warehousing, order fulfillment, shipping, and inventory services. With ISO 9001, ITAR, and WBE certification.


  • ISO 9001
  • ITAR
  • WBE certification



Noble Plastics


  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering
  • Packaging

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