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TRD - Tactical Rope Dispenser

Client: Atwood Rope MFG

Created by a US special ops paratrooper to have usable tangle free cord exactly when needed. In a true emergency or survival situation there isn’t time to untangle cord. TRD delivers high strength cord when you need it most and it’s built in cutting blade eliminates the need for additional tools.

StudioMoya developed the TRD working closely with Atwood Rope MFG to create an authentic and user-friendly design that is rugged, efficient and reliable. Industrial design, engineering and prototyping included several rounds of FDM and SLA prototypes and testing in the field. A big focus of our development was to ensure this product could be manufactured and assembled at our client's facilities; TRD was designed and is made in USA.

Our team also developed the TRD package design working closely with Dale Atwood and his internal team which includes tactical experts.

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Adam, Joe


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