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Zanzinato is a web and graphic design studio that creates fresh, intelligent, and well-crafted design solutions in the heart of New York State. We offer a range of creative talents and cross-media services. Passion and precision are key ingredients in all of our projects from design concept to production.

Our approach to developing design projects is to consider the impression that the finished product will have on the user, and the lingering effects of that impression. Our strength, and value to our clients, is that we see every project as part of a bigger, and strategic framework. Consistency and continuity of design are fundamental to this design philosophy.

We strive to understand exactly where our clients have been, where they want to be, and recommend how to use design to bridge the gap. Armed with this knowledge, we work as an extension of the client creating strong solutions that communicate the client's message.

Success is defined in many ways, but most importantly as delivering a product that has long-term value. This might include creating awareness, generating buzz around a launch, getting the attention of people outside the intended target audience, or strengthening and reinforcing an established reputation.


  • Center for the Study of Economy & Society
  • Cornell Office of the Vice Provost for Research
  • Cornell Department of Romance Studies
  • Johnson Graduate School of Management
  • Primet Precision Materials
  • Community Foundation of Tompkins County
  • Cornell Law School
  • Advion
  • Finger Lakes Engineering
  • Toxics Targeting
  • Christopher Morgan Loy Composer
  • Gutchess Lumber



Staff Size

3 - 5



  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Motion Graphics

Typical Project Budget

$25,000 - $50,000


Our clients find us easy to work with and they appreciate our honest approach and reliable results.

Main Office

116 N. Aurora St.
2nd Floor
Ithaca, NY 14850
United States


Serge Isaacson
phone: (607) 256-7672
fax: (607) 269-8203
Website: Zanzinato

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