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We've been creating software with great experiences for over 10 years.

In our years of experience we've learned what it takes to design and build a product that we're proud of. Not just to be proud of our contributions, rather to be proud of the whole product. This insight changed how we do business.

The recipe is simple, but the cooking is hard:

Have an unwavering great sense of taste. - The quality of your product will never be better than your own taste. But, that's not good enough. You need to have the ability to create something which satisfies your own taste as well.

Own the project, from beginning to end. - Design is an end-to-end process that spans the life of the project. The quality that comes out at the end is just as good as the prototypes at the start. We stay involved till long after the project ships.

Work with talented people. - Our team members are creative professionals. We thrive on innovation and question the status quo. We spend every Monday improving our technique and honing our craft.

We believe in working hard and leaving work at work. We don't work weekends, we don't do free pitches, and we don't take emergency projects with unreasonable deadlines.

Talk to people - Great design is not just about visuals. It's about understanding the people who use the product. We interview these people to learn their motivations. We watch these people to learn their frustrations.
We build products in response. Every two weeks, we do it again, showing our progress and getting new feedback.

Build Prototypes - Design flaws should be found as early as possible. Change is always cheaper to make in the beginning, when designs are still sketches. Prototypes let us test the designs with real people before we invest time implementing them.

Launch - Products aren't real until they launch.



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